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Ninjutso Origin One X Prototype Review

Posted by Marcus Gonzales on

2021 so far is gonna be an amazing year for mice as we have new companies like Gamesense and Ninjutso trying to make a name for themselves with the Origin One X, the Meta and the MVP.  We also have familiar names such as G-Wolves and Razer with their Wireless Hati-S and the currently unusable 8kHz Viper. The Mouse that we will be talking about today is the Origin One X from Ninjutso, Its a 66 gram wireless ergo mouse which so happens to be very similar to the Intellimouse but slightly smaller, which can be a good thing if...

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G-Wolves HSK Review

Posted by Nathaniel Gonzales on

Hey everyone click on this Blog post to see my review for the G-Wolves HSK so that you all know what you're getting into when purchasing this mouse

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