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Hey everyone, WParacordS here and this is the first review that I will be doing so expect more to come whenever I grab a new mouse.

So the mouse that I have for review is the G-Wolves HSK sent to me by VesselGaming so shout out to them.

Shape:  Alright so the HSK is of course a fingertip only mouse and its very unique as the shape is close to a triangle rather than the teardrop shape of the Hati-S, due to the hump from the triangle shape it allows a wide variety of fingertip grip styles (How many are there again?) ranging from relaxed due to the hump, all the way to a more aggressive fingertip,

the sides of the mouse are very flat with not very much curvature to it but I feel like this decision was best as it allows me to perform micro adjustments a lot easier than other small mice that have curved sides like the Skoll-S which I do fingertip,

Cable:  The cable on the HSK unfortunately is not detachable but is basically the same as the cables on the Hati-S and the Skoll-S which is "okay" at best but it could be better considering that this mouse is 37 Grams causing the cable drag to feel worse than on other mice using the same cable.

Scroll Wheel:  The scroll wheel on the HSK is really tactile which I do like very much, in fact it is way more tactile than any mouse i've tried other than the Zowie mice (Zowie scroll in my opinion is like the rubber dome of scroll wheels) The scroll wheel on the HSK makes the scroll wheel on the Hati-S or Skoll-S feel like a Finalmouse Scroll wheel.

The middle click is very hard to actuate on my copy but I'm sure its because of the specific switch they are using (which is smaller than a normal mouse switch reducing weight) One thing that I do not like about the scroll wheel is that with the HSK scroll wheel if I scroll too fast almost all of the steps don't register similar to how older mouse sensors don't register if you were to swipe too fast so I would like to see G-Wolves fix this in final retail copies without sacrificing any of the tactility. 

Main Clicks:  Mouse one and two are both 20m standard omron switches, though one thing that has been annoying me recently is the fact that if I click towards the very edge of Mouse one it won't actuate and it just touches the other shell as if there isn't a switch inside the mouse.

Other than the edge of Mouse one both clicks are very nice and crisp no Pretravel on my copy at all but a bit of Post-Travel.

Sensor:  Unfortunately I could not find anywhere what sensor the HSK uses but I'm most confident that it uses a 3389 sensor, currently I haven't had any tracking issues with the HSK so I'd say that its all good in this department.

Quality Control:  With the HSK because there are no side buttons side flex is nowhere to be found on this mouse as well as any form of flexing on the mouse, its completely non-existent.

Very minimal button wobble on Mouse one and two for me but other than the scroll wheel steps not registering properly when scrolling fast and mouse one not actuating when pressed towards the front, the HSK is extremely well built for its size.

Feet and Coating:  Starting with the mouse feet they are honestly in my opinion the smoothest stock feet on a mouse but still aren't up to par with the likes of Corepads or TigerArcs.

The coating feels very smooth and soft but once you start to sweat it gets a bit slippery and since its a pretty small mouse I tend to lose my grip a bit once I start to sweat, and I am someone who doesn't like their mice to be dirty so I'll wipe down my mice constantly in order to keep them in top condition but with the HSK even though the coating is the same as other G-Wolves mice you tend to lose your grip a lot easier since the mouse is smaller than almost all gaming mice.

TLDR:  The G-Wolves HSK is a very unique mouse with a shape that only caters to fingertip users, very little QC issues, high end sensor, A PAINTBRUSH, one of the best stock glides, good scroll wheel, a not so great cable coming from a Paracord, and a low weight of 37 Grams I do think that this mouse will be great for those playing target switching games Like Call of Duty, If you believe that you need side buttons for important in game binds (No not push to talk, crouch or reload you have a keyboard for that silly) you might not like this mouse due to its lack of side buttons.

This is my first review so take it with a grain of salt and I since this is just one of 100 copies sent out there will always be other reviewers out there with their own issues and preferences

But either way thanks for taking the time to read this and until next time




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