Ninjutso Origin One X Prototype Review

Posted by Marcus Gonzales on

2021 so far is gonna be an amazing year for mice as we have new companies like Gamesense and Ninjutso trying to make a name for themselves with the Origin One X, the Meta and the MVP.  We also have familiar names such as G-Wolves and Razer with their Wireless Hati-S and the currently unusable 8kHz Viper.

The Mouse that we will be talking about today is the Origin One X from Ninjutso, Its a 66 gram wireless ergo mouse which so happens to be very similar to the Intellimouse but slightly smaller, which can be a good thing if you like medium sized ergo mice.

The first thing we will be looking at for the mouse is the clicks. It uses Kailh GM 8.0 switches for the main clicks and the side buttons I believe use red dot Omron switches or to be more specific D2FC-FL-NH switches, either way both side buttons and main clicks feel great and are tensioned really well, the scroll wheel is very tactile and the click is pretty light similar to the Hati-S.

Second is the sensor in which the Origin One X uses a 3335 that is essentially a more power efficient 3360 and speaking of that, the battery lasts around 2 days and while under normal use (5-10 Hours) I have not had to charge the One X for a couple days.

The skates are made from PTFE and are rounded as well as being pretty large compared to other skates but not as large as the superlight ones.

The overall build quality of the One X makes you think that this is an ergo mouse with the same quality as something from EndGameGear but of course there will be some flaws and so far the only flaws that I have experienced had to have been the DPI button being too large so it began to scrape on my mousepad but Ninjutso has addressed this and says it will be fixed on the final version, the second and final flaw is that the USB Type C cable was defective and had to be held a certain way in order to charge, at the moment I don't know of anyone who has this issue as well so I assume it was just an error with my cable.

If you are in the market for a wireless lightweight, medium sized ergo mouse then the Origin One X is for you, I'll be leaving the link to the website as well as their twitter so that you can be ready for when the mouse is fully released


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